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How to setup AWS (Amazon) SES to send email from PHP

It’s been just 15 days I started playing with AWS services and I’m already feeling comfortable woking with the AWS stack. I need to thank all the great tech bloggers, developers & many people that are contributing to open source code, this would been such a sooth ride without their expertise. In this post I’m […]


Recently I’ve built a reporting & analytics app for one of my client and we’ve chosen as a backend. In this post I’ll share my thoughts on and what type of applications you can build on top of it. is the cloud database that powers CRM & platform. In Fall 2011 […]

Design for Emotions

Since my last post on Design for 5 Senses, I’ve been evaluating many products & experiences on the 5 Sense graph tool, here are some Riding Motorcycle v/s Bike. Smartphone v/s pre – smartphone. Type Search (google) v/s Voice Search (Siri). Watching Movie v/s Reading Book. Sky Diving v/s Scuba Diving v/s Running of the […]

Design for 5 Senses

Last weekend I watched one of the best entertaining & thought-provoking Ted talk by Jinsop Lee on Design for all 5 Senses. Sight, Touch, Smell, Sound & Taste. Think of the great products or experiences you had in your life, they are great because they must have played well on your 5 senses than the others. […]

Business Model Canvas

Ever since I watched the talk by Alexander Osterwalder at Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner website, I’ve been using the Business Model Canvas tool combined with Steve Blank’s customer development process and Eric Reis Lean startup model. Here is why I recommend this tool and process for any Startup, Enterprise or someone working on a idea/project. First, it helps […]