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Apple Watch – Digital Crown or the Magic Touch Crown

Apple introduced many pointing devices that fundamentally changed how we interact with the digital world. Now with the announcement of Apple Watch it introduced the Digital Crown. Apple says that using the Digital Crown on Apple Watch will be very intuitive because it is very natural to how we currently interact with the watches. Although its true how intuitive it is, […]

Design for Emotions

Since my last post on Design for 5 Senses, I’ve been evaluating many products & experiences on the 5 Sense graph tool, here are some Riding Motorcycle v/s Bike. Smartphone v/s pre – smartphone. Type Search (google) v/s Voice Search (Siri). Watching Movie v/s Reading Book. Sky Diving v/s Scuba Diving v/s Running of the […]

Design for 5 Senses

Last weekend I watched one of the best entertaining & thought-provoking Ted talk by Jinsop Lee on Design for all 5 Senses. Sight, Touch, Smell, Sound & Taste. Think of the great products or experiences you had in your life, they are great because they must have played well on your 5 senses than the others. […]