Apple Watch – Digital Crown or the Magic Touch Crown

Apple introduced many pointing devices that fundamentally changed how we interact with the digital world. Now with the announcement of Apple Watch it introduced the Digital Crown.

Apple says that using the Digital Crown on Apple Watch will be very intuitive because it is very natural to how we currently interact with the watches.

Although its true how intuitive it is, but the real question for me is how many times I’ll be interacting if I’ve an apple watch on a given day v/s regular watch. You know the answer right? A LOT.

Having used regular watches for a very very long time, I don’t think I ever enjoyed rotating the crown to change the time or date. Although it’s once in a while when I travel to different time zone, its not very easy to rotate the crown unless you have a very big one which again doesn’t look good.


(Image: Apple)

Also, using it often, which will be in the case of Apple Watch will be hard on the skin, because of rotating the Digital Crown. If you’re bit hairy on your hands, you know how the experience will be !

Clymer, watch expert says that “It’s tough to fit the Apple Watch under your shirt cuff”.

So what’s my solution, I think the solution is in the apple’s backyard. Yes, remember the Magic Mouse?

Instead of Rotary Digital Crown apple could have done Magic Touch Crown. Where you swipe on the crown instead of rotating & apple could use their “Taptic” engine to get the same feel of rotation for the touch or swipe on the crown.

I think it will be easy to use, much better on the skin as we’ll be using a lot and not definitely smaller crown.

So what do you think?


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