On Database.com

Recently I’ve built a reporting & analytics app for one of my client and we’ve chosen database.com as a backend. In this post I’ll share my thoughts on database.com and what type of applications you can build on top of it.

Database.com is the cloud database that powers Salesforce.com CRM & Force.com platform. In Fall 2011 Salesforce made database.com generally available and released APIs so that anyone can build apps on top of it.

I’ve been working on Salesforce.com CRM & Force.com platform since 2010, what I really liked about it is Security & ease of development. Whenever I say the word “Cloud”, my clients worry about security but thank you to Salesforce.com. They pioneered cloud computing and is trusted by many small businesses to large corporations.

Since Database.com powers Salesforce.com, it got all the security and also easy to maintain. Given the security, which otherwise takes lot of time & resources (most cases half of the development time), you can completely focus on building the great app & deliver quickly. You can get started with database.com for free. You’ll get 3  user licenses & can store 100,000 records for free.

First let me mention that, you aren’t going to build database intense transaction apps because of some limits. These limits are revised regularly, so always make a decision based on current limits.

You can consider building the following apps on database.com

  • Internal reporting & analytics apps for businesses.
  • Mobile apps that send data back and forth within these limits.
  • Business tools such as payroll, expense reports, accounting, project management and other custom tools.

For information about pricing & other details visit database.com website & for technical details visit dev center.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on what kind of apps you’re considering building or built on database.com


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