Design for Emotions

Since my last post on Design for 5 Senses, I’ve been evaluating many products & experiences on the 5 Sense graph tool, here are some

  • Riding Motorcycle v/s Bike.
  • Smartphone v/s pre – smartphone.
  • Type Search (google) v/s Voice Search (Siri).
  • Watching Movie v/s Reading Book.
  • Sky Diving v/s Scuba Diving v/s Running of the Bulls.

After evaluating Sky Diving v/s Scuba Diving v/s Running of the Bulls on the 5 sense graph tool, I said wait, there are many other things that make this experience more special like FEAR, EXCITEMENT, HAPPY and some X-FACTOR.

So, I’ve created similar to The 5 Sense Graph called The 6 Emotions Graph, you can use this 6 Emotions Graph to evaluate the emotions you have while using a product or doing an activity.

I think by using the 5 Sense Graph and the 6 Emotions Graph in our design work helps us to create memorable experiences.

This is not User Experience (UX), its Experience Design (XD). Wow, this could be my next blog post.

Stay Tuned !



  1. Reblogged this on an honest day or two and commented:
    A wonderful creation synesthete or not…many thanks to it’s maker!

  2. So impressive …I look forward to using this often.

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