Design for 5 Senses

Last weekend I watched one of the best entertaining & thought-provoking Ted talk by Jinsop Lee on Design for all 5 SensesSight, Touch, Smell, Sound & Taste.

Think of the great products or experiences you had in your life, they are great because they must have played well on your 5 senses than the others.

For example, why iPhone so successful when it launched in 2007. I graded how iPhone experience & other cell phones before iPhone played on my senses on the scale of 0 to 10 using the 5 senses graph tool I developed.

Its clear that iPhone played well on our senses than other cell phones. The above graph also tells us that raising experience on senses can make a great product.

Think of all the experiences you have in your daily life, see how they are on the 5 Sense Graph, why some of them are great? and how you can enhance other experiences !

Technical details about 5 Senses Graph tool

Recently, in one of my projects I learned google charts api, so I thought of using the api to create 5 senses graph tool to grade products & experiences.

As my WordPress blog do not allow to use google chart api I’ve hosted the tool on TrendArY (fashion app I developed) server.

Share your thoughts?



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  3. Thank you for sharing the tool, I also whatched the talk and loved it. I think that is a great idea to have this as an evaluation tool.

  4. Hi, the link is broken for the sense scale. Can you put it back up?

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